Blandford Foraging Trail

Are you aware of how many edible fruit and vegetation there is around Blandford?
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a map that showed where it all was?
Wouldn’t it be even better if we planted more and expanded the variety?
How about lots of useful recipes and usage ideas?

We could attract green tourists to our town to follow the foraging trail. Help people discover new foods on our doorstep. Maybe harvest things to make to sell at community events and school fairs?

To get things started, we are looking for people to tell us where the all the edible fruits, nuts, mushrooms, roots and leaves are around the town that can be picked by the public.

We are looking for green and unused areas around town that we can plant things like blackcurrant or quince bushes – if you know who owns it, even better as we need to seek permission to plant anything in public.

Of course later down the line we will need people to help us with planting, so make sure you sign up as a contributor here.

If you know of any spaces for planting or the location of plants we can forage from, drop us a line, thanks.