Discount Seeds

We have an exciting offer for everyone who loves to grow their own veg or flowers!

Join our growing club and receive 25% off on selected seeds!
The seed company also donates an additional percentage of sales to your local Transition Group for community sustainability projects!

The purchasing deadline will probably be in November each year, but maybe more frequent if demand requires.
We will email you details each time and give you plenty of warning to get your order to us.

We will use your collection point to decide whether to send you information about growing group meetings, so if you are in Bournemouth you will not get Blandford meetings in your mail.


Please join the group by entering your details below. We will also send your occasional emails regarding GIY (grow it yourself) meetings and projects.
To qualify for the discount you must accept these occasional emails, thank you.

We are just in the process of organising this project, but please sign up to hear about it when it goes live! Which will be very soon!

Sign up to become a member!