Blandford Projects

Below you will find all of our projects.

Win on Waste Blandford

We are currently organising a collection point for various items not collected every fortnight from you door.

The plan is for a monthly collection point to be set-up where you can bring you items to be taken away for good causes.

Clean plastic milk bottle tops (for the Priest House Museum)
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We have a number of upcycling ideas that have the potential to become sustainable eco-businesses. Taking waste and turning it into something useful to sell.

And if that isn’t great enough, new business means new jobs and helping to keep money in the town by using local resources with people buying...Read More »

Blandford Foraging Trail

Are you aware of how many edible fruit and vegetation there is around Blandford?
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a map that showed where it all was?
Wouldn’t it be even better if we planted more and expanded the variety?
How about lots of useful recipes and usage...Read More »

Discount Seeds

We have an exciting offer for everyone who loves to grow their own veg or flowers!

Join our growing club and receive 25% off on selected seeds!
The seed company also donates an additional percentage of sales to your local Transition Group for community sustainability projects!

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Apple Pressing 2017

Update: 14th October 2017.

A great opening project!

Where we were:
23rd September at the Market Place, Blandford.
30th September on the lawn of the Blandford Parish Church.
7th October at the allotment at Lampard’s Field.
14th October at the Blandford Town Museum.

About the Days

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