Supporters and Contributors:

The following local councillors pledged a total of £100 to cover the Transition Town’s initial start-up costs, allowing our first project to succeed: Cllr Byron Quayle, Cllr Jackie Stayt, Cllr John Stayt, Cllr Hugo Mieville, Cllr Peter Clark, Cllr Roger Carter, Cllr Nocturin Lacey-Clarke, Cllr Andrew Kerby, Cllr Steve Hitchings and Cllr Colin Stevens.

The vegetable stall holder in the Market Place donated a large crate of apples for the press.


We have a number of volunteers that help us out, they know who there are, and so do we! We couldn’t do it without you, thank you so much.

If you want to be a part of our fantastic volunteers, sign up here and select the “contributors” option.


As well as those that help us directly, there are organisations that support our cause or run similar projects nearby, visit them for more information.

  • The Transition Network: “A movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world”.
  • Blandford Repair Cafe:A monthly cafe organised by volunteers for people to bring items that need fixing or upcycling“.
  • Blandford War on Waste: “Blandford War on Waste is a voluntary community group, established in May 2019, to raise awareness of the environmental impact of single use plastic“.
  • Sustainable Dorset: “The central hub of all sustainable and resilient activity across the county. We aim to raise awareness and so increase interest and involvement in sustainability“.
  • Resurgence Dorset: “If you fancy coming along to interesting talks and films on environmental or social justice issues, and socialising with like-minded folk, this is the group for you”.
  • Count On Me: “A community campaign designed to bring the people of Bournemouth together in a collective way of counting carbon to show that we care, and that we can make a difference”.
  • Sustainable Food Cities: “We are a partnership of local people, businesses, community groups and public sector organisations who have come together to grow a flourishing city region where sustainable, nutritious food lies at the heart of every community”.
  • South Wessex Waste Minimisation Group: “Attention to waste management can save organisations up to 3% of their turnover”.