Win on Waste Blandford

We are currently organising a collection point for various items not collected every fortnight from you door.

The plan is for a monthly collection point to be set-up where you can bring you items to be taken away for good causes.

Clean plastic milk bottle tops (for the Priest House Museum)
Sweet biscuit wrappers (for Ideas2Action)
Stamps (for Minster Sudan Link)
Cleaning product items – washing up bottle tops, soap pumps, sprays, empty disinfectant wipe packets (for Ideas2Action)
Empty or broken pens (for Ellie’s Fund)
Ring pulls from drinks cans (for The Purple Community Fund)
Any plastic beauty product packaging including empty face wipe packets and roll-on deodorants (for Ideas2Action)
Printer ink cartridges of any kind (for Wimborne Win On Waste)
Greetings cards minimum 6″x4″ (for St Michael’s Church in Colehill)
Broken jewellery (for Colehill Women’s Institute)
Clean aluminium foil and metal bottle tops (Poole Methodists Redevelopment)
Unwanted keys and/or padlocks (for Routes to Roots)
Candle ends (for The Trussell Trust)
Cosmetics – full only now please – including bath and/or hair care products (for Dorset Cancer Care)

-please note that charities may change without notice-